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The most common analogy are Dee's Sigillum Dei Aemeth - Lagahe
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The most common analogy are Dee’s Sigillum Dei Aemeth

The most common analogy are Dee’s Sigillum Dei Aemeth

The new intense heptagram often is known as Elven Superstar and/or Faerie Star and contains been extensively then followed from the Otherkin, people who trust they might be supernatural beings instance elves, fairies, or dragons trapped for the peoples authorities.

Heptagrams and you can heptagons are generally found in John Dee’s program of Enochian angel secret, that is firmly rooted in categories of 7.


A good hexagram which have equidistant circumstances is unique for the geometry because cannot be pulled unicursally-instead of training and you can repositioning the fresh pen. As an alternative, overlapping a couple of triangles versions hexagrams.

The fresh half dozen-pointed celebrity is actually an excellent mandala symbol found on southern Indian Hindu temples, representing the best meditative state off harmony. The half dozen-pointed Superstar off David signifies God’s rule along the market, as well as in the fresh new Mormon chapel try represents Goodness reaching for the individuals and you will humans getting for the Jesus.

Unicursal Hexagram

The fresh situations of unicursal hexagram, a half dozen-directed superstar which are consumed you to carried on path, are not equidistant while the traces aren’t out-of equivalent size (in lieu of a fundamental hexagram). It will, however, fit into the a circle with all six factors touching this new community.

This new unicursal hexagram is oftentimes illustrated having good four-petaled flower in the cardiovascular system, a mathematical adaptation developed by Aleister Crowley and you will in the faith regarding Thelema. Placement a small pentagram on the hexagram’s center is yet another variation.

Enneagram regarding Overlapping Triangles

A keen enneagram try a good nine-indicated star, tend to from the a part away from thought referred to as Next Ways, that has been created in the brand new 20th millennium. Shaped of the about three overlapping triangles caffmos, it does represent a great trinity from trinities, a symbol of holiness or spiritual end.

A keen enneagram may also be used just like the symbolic of universal wholeness, with every section symbolizing an environment, whilst the 2006 downgrading regarding Pluto in order to a good dwarf world complicates such as symbolism.

Baha’i Enneagram

As the five-indicated celebrity ‘s the certified icon of Baha’i trust, the fresh nine-directed superstar is commonly with the faith in fact it is utilized as affiliate symbol for the its U.S. webpages. There is absolutely no important style to the superstar. It’s illustrated here made out of around three overlapping equilateral triangles, but just as valid depictions can use both crisper otherwise shallower angles for the circumstances. The most common orientation is part-right up.


A beneficial s. This shows the newest partnership regarding opposites, because the point-up-and area-down pentagrams enjoys their unique significance. A good pentagram normally portray the 5 aspects, and a can depict the positive and you will disadvantages of the many the weather.


The number 12 has some possible definitions. It is the amount of days around, representing a yearly duration and its end and you can wholeness. It is the quantity of Jesus’ disciples, therefore it is a familiar count within the Christianity, and the original number of Hebrew people, making it preferred into the Judaism.

However, good 12-sided profile most frequently is short for brand new zodiac, that is divided into twelve cues. The individuals several signs are divided into five groups acquiesced by factors (about three flame cues, three liquid signs, etcetera.), so an excellent dodekagram made up of five overlapping triangles (depicted here) work particularly really. An effective dodekagram composed of a couple of overlapping hexagons may be used so you’re able to divide the fresh new zodiac symbols because of the men and women functions.

The fresh new orientation away from an excellent triangle shall be crucial that you the definition. Point-upwards triangles represent an effective basis or balances. Environment and you can liquids icons is molded of section-right up triangles; leading up means the fresh new ascent so you can eden. The point-up triangle also can portray men time, and flames and you will air is actually masculine points.

The new heptagram can also be represent the new seven days of your own week. Regarding the Judeo-Christian framework, it can be a symbol of achievement, since the universe was developed in eight-go out month.

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