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Of the modern sample, a dozen family weren’t element of this study sample

Of the modern sample, a dozen family weren’t element of this study sample


The information and knowledge used in this study are part of the new longitudinal scientific study “Family relations Fictional character shortly after Splitting up” (FDD) and you may consist of around three annual dimension waves where study were achieved out-of 77 recently separated families (i.e., Letter = 135 students) regarding the Netherlands in the years 2016–2020. The analysis are authorized by the separate Faculty Integrity Comment Panel (FERB) of your own Professors out of Personal and you can Behavioural Sciences (FSBS) from Utrecht College or university (FETC16-056). This study utilized the annual studies out of Waves dos and you will step 3 (described as Time step 1 (T1) and Date 2 (T2) contained in this studies), because these swells contained information on the appropriate aspects of the parent–man family, cousin dating (we.e., service and disagreement), and you may kid changes just after breakup (i.age., internalizing and you can externalizing difficulties, and worry about-esteem).


Of these families, five families (n = 10 children) initially participated but could not be reached for T1 of this study, one family (n = 2 children) dropped out after T1, and in six families (n = 6 children), the child did not have a (half-)sibling. There were no significant mean differences in study variables at T1 for children that were included or excluded from the study (p values of Welch’s t tests ranged from p = .416 to p = .958), except for sibling conflict (t(116) = 5.71, p < .000), which was higher for the excluded children at T1 (M = 0.50) compared to the study sample (M = ?0.01).

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