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The most common analogy are Dee’s Sigillum Dei Aemeth

The most common analogy are Dee’s Sigillum Dei Aemeth

The new intense heptagram often is known as Elven Superstar and/or Faerie Star and contains been extensively then followed from the Otherkin, people who trust they might be supernatural beings instance elves, fairies, or dragons trapped for the peoples authorities.

Heptagrams and you can heptagons are generally found in John Dee’s program of Enochian angel secret, that is firmly rooted in categories of 7.


A good hexagram which have equidistant circumstances is unique for the geometry because cannot be pulled unicursally-instead of training and you can repositioning the fresh pen. As an alternative, overlapping a couple of triangles versions hexagrams.

The fresh half dozen-pointed celebrity is actually an excellent mandala symbol found on southern Indian Hindu temples, representing the best meditative state off harmony. The half dozen-pointed Superstar off David signifies God’s rule along the market, as well as in the fresh new Mormon chapel try represents Goodness reaching for the individuals and you will humans getting for the Jesus.

Unicursal Hexagram

The fresh situations of unicursal hexagram, a half dozen-directed superstar which are consumed you to carried on path, are not equidistant while the traces aren’t out-of equivalent size (in lieu of a fundamental hexagram). It will, however, fit into the a circle with all six factors touching this new community.

This new unicursal hexagram is oftentimes illustrated having good four-petaled flower in the cardiovascular system, a mathematical adaptation developed by Aleister Crowley and you will in the faith regarding Thelema.

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